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New Life Style for Mobile Era.
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MMM! Mobile Era!
Email Marketing in the Mobile Era
With the number of new smartphone subscriptions growing by 20% each year, it’s no surprise that mobile email marketing is becoming ever more important to the overall marketing strategy for any business.
What are the benefits of mobile marketing? The explosion of the mobile era demands that today’s marketer completely rethink their email strategy. Optimizing your campaigns for mobile is central to driving opens, clicks, and revenue for your business.
Empowering iOS Developers at Mobile Era
“it would be nice…” into production products & processes that save every iOS engineer time. From investing in CI architecture, build tools, and internal documentation, we’ll cover all the ways you can help empower your team to be productive, and turn complaints into quality-of-life improvements on a daily basis.
1. Private

While social media is a great channel, it is essentially publicly broadcasting a customer’s question or issue, which they may not want to do (and often you don’t either). Text messaging provides a secure, private means for customers to communicate directly with a business to get answers.
2. Communicate “in the moment”

The busy mobile lifestyle of today’s consumers means they do not have time to sit on voice queues, wait for an email response or be tied to a computer to make sure a web chat session does not time out. Text messaging is asynchronous so consumers can engage and respond to support agents when it suits them or when they are in ‘the moment’ in response to seeing an ad on TV, an offer in a store or at some other point in their day.
3. Two-way conversations

Text messaging provides a channel for customer-initiated, ‘inbound’ conversations. This is actual dialogue that goes beyond the current view of SMS as a platform for simple blast notifications or marketing messages.
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5G Signals Dawn Of New Era For Mobile Communications
What have you heard about 5G? With the touted arrival of the 5G-ready iPhone 12, it’s certainly in the news, especially with the telecoms industry positioning 5G as a boon to consumers and businesses alike.
The Mobile Era and What it Means for Your Business
Today, everyone has gone mobile. Although nearly half of the teen and young adult population are mobile users, it’s women aged 35 to 54 who dominate as the most active mobile users. This demographic of women also are the most financially empowered demographic in America, making nearly all purchase decisions for the household. So if you think mobile use is just an unsociable habit of today’s youth, we suggest you reconsider that stance.
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